Entertaining. Informative. Stylish.

Informative. Insightful. Persuasive. Entertaining. Selective. ShortList delivers a bold voice in the media landscape of the UAE. ShortList cuts through the country’s ever-expanding entertainment, dining and retail options, separating the essential from the extraneous, the brilliant from the banal, to create the definitive guide to going out in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With twin websites, a weekly magazine and vibrant social media channels, ShortList is the starting point for anyone asking the question: “What’s happening this week?”

Online and in print, ShortList steers an engaging, intelligent and entertaining course through the incredible diversity of attractions in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ShortList offers a blend of attractive and engaging platforms through which advertisers can target urban, affluent residents on an hourly, daily and weekly basis – default reading for everyone wanting to get more out of their city, wherever they live.


From intimate dinners and cocktail receptions to award ceremonies, conferences, fashion-shows and large-scale events, we create consumer and industry experiences and events for ITP Media Group brands.

ShortList Nightlife Awards

ShortList Nightlife Awards