Live Unite

Live Unite is a micro-influencer platform that engages with a prolific and creative community of micro-influencers, who communicate to attentive and responsive audiences in the Middle East – and beyond.  Live Unite makes it easy for brands (and more effective than ever before!) to reach their ideal audiences. Live Unite’s 40+ filters gives the power to target specific age ranges, genders, locations, languages, income brackets, brand affinities and more.

Brands can tell their stories using high performing micro-influencers from the GCC.  Plan campaigns, set budgets, obtain in-depth influencer insights, track deadlines and make payments with Live Unite: the brands one-stop solution to reaching their target market.



Live Unite


Ahmad Bashour
General Manager

Alia Fawad


Laura Kell
Content Manager


Hamzeh Arnaout
Senior Business Development Manager


Hamzeh Arnaout
Senior Business Development Manager

Nada Kattan
Talent and Operations Coordinator