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Emirates Home (English),

Our Readers
Design conscious, intelligent, affluent, high spending, modern, stylish, educated, informed, love to travel, own two or more cars, fashion conscious, house proud.

The Facts
The Middle East's best selling Home Magazine
Average household income of 72,000 AED per month
Eat out on average twice a week
Entertain at least once a month
Take at least 2 holidays a year
83% Female, 17% Male
61% have children
They have the magazine ? 97% have recommended it to a friend

Published every month(or monthly alone), Emirates Home is available throughout the GCC. The magazine is on sale at all major supermarkets, bookshops and petrol stations including Carrefour, Spinneys, Choithram, Borders and Magrudys, Emirates Home is also distributed free to hotels, bars, gyms and airport lounges.

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