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With the regional gaming market expected to grow $2.3 billion within the next few years, DGC (Digital Games Conference) expands its vision and authority within the industry.

ITP Media Group continues to expand its footprint in the gaming sector with the recent acquisition of the Digital Games Conference in Dubai (DGC), MENA’s number one business event for the digital games industry. 

The acquisition of DGC demonstrates ITP Media Group’s commitment to support the growth within the gaming ecosystem, and foster homegrown initiatives within the digital games and ESports sector.


ITP Media Group DGC


Founded five years ago by Habib Chams, DGC was able to bring more than 3000 gaming companies to the region, looking to grow their activity and find partners within MENA, in addition to more than 500 experts and industry professionals to share their knowledge and experience with local and regional stakeholders. 

Habib Chams, Founder and Head of Digital Games Conference, said: “ITP Media Group’s acquisition of DGC is huge step forward for the gaming industry in the region. ITP Media Group will strengthen and bring DGC to the next level by connecting our partners with a wider audience of business owners and consumers in the region, thanks to its 100+ media brands. We’re pleased to share this milestone with our supporters and look forward to our first event of 2020 on April 1 and 2nd at World Trade Centre in Dubai.”

Having recently launched ITP Gaming in March 2019, the acquisition of the Digital Games Conference compliments the company’s vision to grow within the sector and provide our partners with a gateway into the MENA gaming and ESports industry.

Ahmad Bashour, General Manager of ITP Gaming, said: “ITP Media Group’s acquisition of DGC falls under our commitment to the growth of the games industry in the region. DGC is the leading games developer conference in the region; we are excited about this acquisition and Habib Chams joining ITP Gaming. We have huge plans for the future of this industry – including expanding to DGC mobile games, ESports, VR/AR summits across the MENA region.”

Alia Fawad, Director of ITP Gaming, said: “ITP Gaming has earned a solid reputation of providing 360-degree solution for new game launches in the Middle East. We’re proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in gaming including Epic Games, Activision, PlayStation Middle East and more, and we are very excited for the future of gaming in the region. DGC will soon be unveiling a packed calendar for 2020.”

With the expected growth within the gaming industry in this region, DGC is planning to produce four summits on different topics including a mobile gaming summit, ESports summit, VR/AR Summit and Blockchain & Games Summit within the new year.

For further information please contact:
Habib Chams, Head of Digital Games Conference
+971 588152161

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