Digital Advertising

Our digital portfolio consists of premium websites and apps with original local expert content across multiple industries and different interests. This results in a highly engaged loyal user base, with an average time on site ranging between 5 – 15 minutes.

Reach your target audience through display advertising on this premium environment on all devices (desktop, mobile and tablet).


Our Data Management Platform (DMP) BlueKai captures, manages and aggregates first-party and third-party audience data. By leveraging this data you can target specific users or user segments matching your campaign objectives within a website, a category of sites or across all our portfolio.

Standard display advertising

Run standard IAB formats such as the Leaderboard, Half Page, MPU and Billboard banners on ITP Media Group’s desktop and mobile sites. Our professional ad teams use the latest technologies to optimize performance and increase viewability.


Since we own all of our websites, we have the capability to create and run customised high impact non-conventional formats. From basic enriching of your display ad units with video, sound and other interactive elements for more engagement and interaction to special executions such as Push Downs, Interscrollers and any creative format out there.


ITP offers programmatic buying through Programmatic Guaranteed deals and Preferred deals based on website, category or audience (DMP) targeting. Programmatic buying is available for the entire ITP portfolio for standard IAB formats on desktop and mobile.

Contact Us

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