Marketing Intelligence

ITP Media Group is able to leverage its extensive print and digital audience reach to craft bespoke customer research and its own range of in-depth editorial reports.

Customers can create targeted surveys that are hosted on ITP Media Group’s diverse portfolio of brands. Whether volume-based consumer market research on retail trends or industry specific, verticalised reports, ITP Media Group operates magazines, websites and social media channels that can address a wide spectrum of research requirements.

ITP Business’ editorial teams also produce regular data-led features for their magazines over a period of several months, offering customers the opportunity to co-brand research and subsequently provide branding exposure over an extended period of time.

By leveraging ITP Media Group’s programmatic advertising platform for editorial and customer research projects, digital advertising can be targeted at specific audience segments.

Digital surveys and their initial findings can then be supported by further one-on- one interviews with key decision makers, and market influencers to provide readers and customers with a complete subject overview.

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