Video consumption and with it the popularity of video marketing is increasing steadily. Video is a powerful tool that help brands narrate engaging stories and inspire consumers. We offer several options to reach out to your audience through video on our digital platforms.


With increased banner blindness and overflow of banner ad impressions running on premium sites, include video in any of your display ads across our portfolio to have stronger impact of your campaign thereby increasing engagement and enhancing performance which leads to better ROI than standard non-rich media formats. Available on desktop and mobile.


In-read video is a native video format embedded within the editorial articles and is seamlessly integrated into our content. It is non-intrusive, userenabled viewable video advertising. It plays when it’s viewable on a user’s screen and closes when the user scrolls out hence guaranteeing efficiency. This format guarantees higher engagement and performance than most formats and gives the advertiser more time to engage with our readers through clearer messages. Available on desktop and mobile.


ITP editorial and videography teams create inspirational viral videos on a regular basis. Advertisers can sponsor these videos to get brand awareness through brand association. As a brand you can also feature your product/service in these videos hence subtly getting your brand through to our readers. Our Video content runs on our websites(both desktop and mobile versions), YouTube channels and are promoted on our newsletters and other social media channels to maximize organic reach.


With a team of professional creative producers, videographers and video editors supporting our editorial teams, we produce customised inspiring videos based on our client’s objectives and needs which fit with our editorial brand strategy. This team of experts come together with you to create unique video opportunities ranging from interviews to still life shoots, live streaming, brand stories, influencer videos and more and we distribute the videos created across our desktop, mobile and social platforms.

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